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This is an Application about the law governing personal agreements. This course analyzes the criteria for determining whether a particular pledge or voluntary agreement is legally enforceable or not and surveys the main legal issues affecting the enforceability of the agreement. These issues include questions about when a contract becomes binding, who gets rights under the contract, the conditions under which performance is required or excused, what constitutes a breach of contract, and the remedies available for breach of contract. Attention will be given during the course to common problems in interpreting the language of contracts, the role of contracts in market society, conflicts between commercial needs for certainty and individual demands for justice, and the relationship between contract law and other such areas. as compensation, property and restitution.

This application can also be used as a source of complete basic information, which tries to provide a comprehensive understanding to students about this module. However, it is recommended that you supplement them with further reading suggestions given at the end of each topic, as well as read the case yourself for more in-depth information. This app provides an analysis of basic principles, case summaries and flashcards for modern Contract Law.

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Table of Contents
"Formalities and writing"
"Contractual Term"
"Third-party Beneficiary"
"History of contract law"
"Offer and Acceptance"
"Posting Rule"
"Mirror Image Rule"
"Invitation to Treat"
"Implied-in-fact contract"
"Collateral contract"
"Capacity (law)"
"Duress in American law"
"Undue Influence"
"Illusory Promise"
"Statute of Frauds"
"Non est factum"
"Parol Evidence Rule"
"Standard Form Contract"
"Integration Clause"
"Mistake (contract law)"
"Frustration of purpose"
"Privity of contract"
"Assignment (law)"
"Delegation (law)"
"Third-party beneficiary"

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