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Basic knowledge of criminal law. Free law courses.
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Criminal Law Course is a free law course application. Through this application you can learn hundreds of theories about criminal law. We all know that understanding the criminal law is very important. Criminal Law is a very popular legal specialty. Criminal law includes provisions, laws and regulations that regulate behavior that is prohibited by law because it threatens and harms the safety and welfare of the community. Criminal Law also stipulates the penalties that can be imposed on an individual or group of people who break the law.

Thus, Criminal Law regulates offenses committed against society or the state. Criminal Law is known to be one of the oldest branches of law. A person pursuing this legal specialty interviews clients, interrogates witnesses, conducts trials, relates evidence / findings, prepares cases to defend his clients and also checks and cross-checks witnesses in court.

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Table of Contents
"Criminal law"
"Scope of criminal liability"
"Severity of offense"
"Inchoate offenses"
"Offence against the person"
"Sexual offences"
"Crimes against property"
"Crimes against justice"
"Crimes against the public"
"Crimes against animals"
"Crimes against the state"
"Defences to liability"

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