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Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster and Cache Cleaner

Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster and Cache Cleaner


Advanced Phone Cleaner Is A Free Android Phone Booster And Cache Cleaner App.
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Advanced Phone Cleaner is a free and powerful cleaner for your Android device. This Phone cleaner is a speed booster, cache cleaner, junk cleaner and optimizer app, designed to improve your overall mobile phone experience.

► Why to Choose This Phone Cleaner App in 2020?
✔ Free Android phone booster app
✔ Master design for ease of use
✔ RAM booster, cache & junk cleaner
✔ Gaming speed booster
✔ Phone battery life saver
✔ Safeguards your phone’s health
✔ Serves as an app manager
✔ CPU Cooler to cool down phone temperature
✔ Powerful & fast mobile phone cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner App optimizes the user experience by working as a CPU Cooler that ultimately serves as a phone memory booster. This junk file cleaner is a quick phone RAM booster tool that not only works on junk removal but is also a perfect phone booster and RAM cleaner.

► Here is a best way to sum up the all-inclusive Phone Cleaner app functions-
Advanced Phone Cleaner (Super Phone cleaner) = Cache Cleaner (Master Clean Cache) + Junk File Cleaner (Junk Cleaner, Junk Removal) + Speed Booster (Memory Cleaner) + Duplicate Photos Cleaner (Duplicate Image Remover) + Social Cleaner + Anti-malware + Battery Booster (Battery saver) + Master Game Booster (Boost Game) + Application Manager + RAM Cleaner (Ram Booster) + CPU Cooler + File Manager + Space Saver + Duplicates Cleaner + Junk Media Cleaner + Secure Browser + Phone Notification Manager.

► Take a look at the features of this Phone Cleaner app-
? Phone Cache Cleaner - A super cache cleaner that helps in creating more space in phone storage.
Note: Advanced Phone Cleaner App does not clean usable files using cache cleaner without permission.

? Junk File Cleaner - A master junk cleaner that frees up memory space by cleaning junk files like app cache, temp files, Apk files and empty folders from the phone.

?Speed Booster - A well designed RAM cleaner and phone booster that speeds up the phone.

? Battery Booster - Increases the battery life of the phone by saving power usage and CPU cooling.

? Application Manager - This powerful phone cleaner helps in wise management of apps on your mobile device.

? Anti-Malware - This phone cleaner app safeguards the phone against malicious apps and malware.

? Duplicate Photo Cleaner - Helps in clearing up memory space on the phone by removing similar photos.
Note: Advanced Phone Cleaner App only highlights the similar photos, does not delete without permission.

? Social Cleaner - This master junk cleaner helps in deleting unwanted media files downloaded on the phone from social media apps.
Note: Advanced Phone Cleaner App only highlights the photos, does not delete without permission.

☢ CPU Cooler - This app prevents the phone from overheating to enhance battery health by cooling off the CPU.

? Notification Manager - This master phone booster helps in managing the notification alerts to prolong battery life.

? Game Speed Booster - This speed booster and junk cleaner enhances gaming experience on the phone.

?️ Secure Browser - This powerful optimizer and phone cleaner helps in securing the browsing experience by blocking ads and loading the web pages faster on the phone.

Note: Advanced Phone Cleaner will require the permission to access user data and services on their phone. To read more about the permissions needed, click here:

The easy to use interface serves as a cache cleaner, junk cleaner, phone speed booster, phone battery saver, anti-malware, memory booster, CPU cooler, fast phone cleaner, app & notification manager and a powerful mobile support.

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Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster and Cache Cleaner
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