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Scary Spooky Horror Teacher 3D  Scary Evil Pranks

Scary Spooky Horror Teacher 3D Scary Evil Pranks

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No llegues tarde a bromear con Evil Horror Teacher en Scary Spooky Prankster Games 3D
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Horror Scary Evil Spooky Teacher is a fresh & newly released horror high school game in adventure category. This horror school life game is going to be a scary pranks game between a spooky evil creepy teacher and a cool genius prankster boy. Let's do it Now! This scary horror school life evil games are filled with horror haunted ghosts in horror house 3d in scary school teacher games 2021. This school teacher game will take you to another level of horror unsolved mysteries gaming of 2022. Horror school missions are going to be very scary in new scary chapter of scary evil spooky teacher 3d game 2021. So, you are going to play the role of a Genius Prankster in this scary evil horror teacher game. This Scary Teacher falls in most trending category adventure, roleplaying, simulation, action.

New Scary Spooky Evil Creepy Horror Teacher Scary Prankster 3D has incredible amazing horror levels which are going to scare and prank Scary Teacher herself! There are latest horror levels added in new chapter 2. First level - Ruin the morning cup of tea of scary teacher by adding salt in the cup of tea and get out from kitchen so high school spooky teacher does not catch you and punish you because scary horror evil teacher does not hear well but hits very hard so be aware that just don't get caught in scary school 3d game of 2021. Bad Scary Prankster Teacher is waiting for you to come to high scary school and then horror creature starts teasing you in meanest ways possible. Scary bad creepy spooky teacher tortures innocents’ kids in haunted school and beat kids for no reason in horror games 2021. Teacher is very dangerous creature. The most important part is that you're going to scare the scary teacher with your new creative teasing actions and missions.

What will be the ideal revenge that you can take from this scary teacher? It's time to scare this "Evil School Teacher" by performing various activities to frustrate her in this scary teacher simulator school games. You have to complete missions without getting caught by the scary teacher in high school life crazy teacher scary games. Fun pranks school teacher game is designed to take your anger away and making you realize that how bad a teacher can feel in real, so don't you try that in real. You can take your revenge by playing the role of scary naughty student of school or by pranking evil scary teacher in return! You can tease her with your scary prank ideas as we have defined some levels in scary horror teacher best fun free games 3d. So, enjoy, play this new scary teacher game of 2021 especially designed for the bad students. The miss Laura is very strict and you need to help her learn this lesson by being the bad student of 2021.

Let's prank the scary neighbor in horror high school new 2021 game on google play trending in adventure. In this scary school game, you are a genius spooky prankster and your mission is to prank scary creepy evil teacher in meanest ways possible. There are various scary pranks modes in this horror game with smooth controls and attractive gameplay. UI is also designed as horror theme of scary spooky evil teacher game 2021 as per user demand.

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✔ Scary Horror Environment to Prank Bad Evil Teacher
✔ Multiple Missions of revenge from Spooky Teacher 3D
✔ New Scary Teacher Realistic Model & Old Horror School
✔ Scary themes but suitable for players of all age
✔ Easy Controls and realistic animations
✔ Endless fun with the evil teacher in the school
✔ Best Quality HD Sound Effects of Door Open, Close, Walking, & Screaming.
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Scary Spooky Horror Teacher 3D Scary Evil Pranks
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