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Detter  Data Guardian - Data Usage Monitor

Detter Data Guardian - Data Usage Monitor


Real-time data usage monitoring. Shows data usage on a notification in real-time
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Detter | Data Guardian is an awesome, free real-time data usage monitoring android tool. It accurately measures the internet data your device uses in real-time giving you accurate live updates through a Smart Notification.

Detter | Data Guardian is user-friendly, and every part of the app is designed for ease of use. You can create a:
• New Data Usage Monitor Notification - with just a single click. You then set an alert limit to let you know when you have reached the number of Megabytes (MB) you planned on using for that session. Then Done!

A new Data Usage Monitor is created, giving you in real-time the amount of data you are using through a Smart Notification. Whether you are using your Mobile Data, WiFi, Or Using your Mobile WiFi Hotspot Detter | Data Guardian works with reliable accuracy either way. You can now surf the internet freely knowing that Detter | Data Guardian is keeping a close eye on your data usage.

When you have reached the data usage limit you set for yourself for the session a Pop-Up Detter Alert (which is hard to miss (Vibrates)) will let you know. Giving you the option to either Dismiss the alert, Turn OFF your WiFi Connection, or Close the Data Usage Monitor Notification.

Detter | Data Guardian helps you avoid daily struggles such as accidentally spending your data bundles and using up Airtime you planned on using later. If you are on a tight data budget, you can keep a close eye on your data usage as well.

There is no longer a need to constantly check your data balance from your network service provider.
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Detter Data Guardian - Data Usage Monitor
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