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Loyalty Card Wallet

Loyalty Card Wallet

Yves Cuillerdier

Keep all your fidelity cards with you.brGuaranteed without data collection.
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To end with portfolios inflated by loyalty cards, use CardWallet.

It's easy: scan and personalize your cards (including those with 3D barcodes) or enter the number if your card does not have a barcode.

To find your cards more easily, you can organize them by page.

It is possible to indicate an expiry date. You will be notified in advance.

This app, although completely free, completely respects your privacy. That's why it will not offer you promotions from your favorite stores or when you pass near one of your stores.

Its main functions are:
- Scan bar codes (2D and 3D) or direct entry of the number.
- Possibility of organizing cards per page with a simple "drag / drop".
- Card sharing, thanks to the Import / Export functions (including on SD card).
- Alert when a card expires.

Technical notes:

The cards are not photographed (as this does not guarantee that the barcode can be read if the quality of the shot is poor). On the contrary, it is decoded and redrawn by adapting it to the definition of the screen to ensure an optimal reading by the merchants' scanners.

This application is compatible with the majority of scanners used by stores. However, for shops using legacy technologies it is possible that barcodes can not be read on the screen. In this case, it is still possible to enter the code manually.
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Loyalty Card Wallet
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