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Infinix Wallet - Airtime, data

Infinix Wallet - Airtime, data

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Infinix Wallet aims to provide local life, bill payment and financial services.
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Infinix Wallet allows you to manage your cards, e-wallets, and etc,. The aim of Transsnet and its partners is to provide you with convenient services through Infinix Wallet covering various aspects of your life, including financial services, lifestyle services and other services.
Card Management: You can add and manage your debit cards, credit cards and other types of cards in Infinix Wallet.
Third party service agreement: You can use Infinix Wallet to manage the third party products or services including (financial, lifestyle and other services) that you choose to use, which are provided directly by third party partners in accordance with your agreement entered with them.
Transaction and information management: You can use the Services to view and manage transactions and information generated during your use of Infinix Wallet.
The Services provided in Infinix Wallet may vary depending on the type of cards, devices and features you use, as well as different application scenarios.
All descriptions of proposed products and Services are based on assumptions (which are subject to change) and you should not rely on the availability or functionality of products or Services until they are actually offered through the Infinix Wallet.

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Dedicated Infinix Support Hotline: 018883636
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Infinix Wallet - Airtime, data
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