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Real Collect RPG - Hero Idle RPG Game

Real Collect RPG - Hero Idle RPG Game

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Collect items and get stronger Real Collect RPG
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■ Story

'A strange world where monsters carry money'

I chose a collector to survive there ...

Adventure to hunt monsters to give you more money!

"Well, let's collect the money to beat the monsters today!"

■ Game Introduction [Real Collect RPG]

▶ Infinite Negative idle rpg + King of the End Collection
It's not the same neglect game! Neglected Alpine game ??
Collect and collect items like waste paper!
Be strong at the cost of collection!
You want Collection idle rpg games?
I think you want idle rpg games offline :D
Be the best collection king

▶▶ Extreme inflation !!!! ▶▶

▶ Real idle grow : Let's nurture the characters!
As you level up, you get stronger!
Idle type ex game!
Warriors, Rogues, and Mages at Level 5
Choose from 3 career groups with each ability!

Rampage Monster & frontier the world

[Three idle heroes]
Master of Survival idle Warrior
Quick Attack idle Rogue
One shot One kill idle wizard

Crossroads of choice to worry about!
The Best idlerpg

▶ gorgeous watching just watching!
Turn on the sound and watch the battle screen!
Real classic idle games

▶ Hand free game
Neglect is not the same neglect!
It's a hard-working neglect game, not a stupid game!

▶ Convenient idle play
Auto-hunting and games without the Internet!

▶ Harmony of neglect type and clicker
Collect coins by clicking on the screen?
The more you click, the more money you collect?
Various contents combined to idle rpg clicker games!
this! Raising neglect type!

▶ Unending Monster Attack
Defeat monsters and advance away
far! More powerful! Be the best!

▶ Get stronger and collect more items
Collect coins and items
Use the items you collect to become stronger!

▶ Various Item Effects
Use items and get special abilities!
Current Growth Side-scrolling 2d RPG

▶ Various Item Exchange
Exchange items to convert new items!
Let's get stronger using items!

▶ Automatic Mining System!
Ore that can't be obtained from monsters
Let's get various ores through automatic mining!
Refine your gemstone with ore!
You can do idle miner

▶ Pet system with various effects
Get the pet effect and let's play the game faster!

▶ Equipped with various equipment items
Combine items to get equipment items and become more powerful!
Special effects of equipment items Temptation of farming!

▶ Let's gain experience in the beginning village!
Let's go back to Start Village and get stronger from 100 stages!
Let's embark on a wonderful adventure with the magic elf in the beginning!


[How to play]

Use Characters to Grow Characters

Create a new item through a combination of items

Click and mine in mines to obtain ore

Create equipment items with item combinations
Strengthen your body by mounting

Go to Start Village from over 100 stages
Obtain the essence of the beginning!

Summon a magical fairy with the essence of the beginning

Enter into a new area!


If the application is deleted, the data is deleted.
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Real Collect RPG - Hero Idle RPG Game
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