Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus Install Now
Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus

Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus


Messenger Plus For Facebook is the ultra light app with builtin security control
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Ultra Fast App & Security Lock for Messenger Plus is the ultra light app for facebook messenger along with great in-built security lock. Messenger plus is the lighter version of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit. Access all these social networks in one single app along with security lock. The app installs faster than ever with less than 2.5MB this is the ultra lite app for Facebook messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc.

Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus
is a third party Facebook wrapper geared towards design and functionality. It contains many features, including:

★ Support for multiple accounts and fast switching
★ Full theming across all activities
★ PIP videos
★ Overlaying browser to read posts and get right back to your previous task
★ Extensive notification support, with bundling, filtering, battery friendly scheduling, icons, and multi user support
★ Context menu from any link via long press
★ Native image viewer and downloader via long press
★ Reactive based loading
★ The transparency of open sourced development
★ Messenger Plus is the only third party Facebook app to have:

★ Transparent themes and a fully customizable theme engine
★ True multiuser support, along with multiuser notifications
★ Fully swipable overlays
★ Fully customizable tabs
★ Ultimate Security Lock
★ Less than 2.5MB with 7 social networks
★ Search friends, people, pages and everything else on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
★ Works with 4G,3G,2G Data and wi-fi !
★ Super fast lightning speed.
★ Save your battery and memory
★ Free and lightweight alternative to both Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest
★ Video downloader for Facebook and Twitter.

Awesome Features

-Ultra Lite App & Security Lock for Messenger Plus- Ultra light app for Facebook and Facebook messenger uses less data and protects your privacy. Login using your facebook credentials and you are secured by the encryption technology
-The app has an inbuilt messenger, you can call, message to your Facebook friends. No need 2 separate apps!
-Free, lightweight alternative for Facebook Lite, Facebook messenger lite which allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browse news feed, comments, etc..
-Minimalistic design and uses less mobile data to save your battery and RAM
- Compatible with all versions of android. Use your favorite keyboard to chat send messages and emoji’s
-Intergrated news feed, chat (messenger)... all in one Messenger For Facebook for Facebook apps.
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Free Messages, Video, Chat,Text for Messenger Plus
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