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Universal Remote Control For Tata Sky

Universal Remote Control For Tata Sky

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Easy to get universal Remote in a smart device via Universal Remote For Tata Sky
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Universal Remote For TataSky Is app to easily transfer your smart device into Remote Control for Tata Sky. Use the universal remote control to control your TV with your
smartphone. It is easy and simple yo change the device into a TV remote with a simple tap. The app allows one or more Remote to use the different remote in different Tata Sky Device. All in one montage of the remote controller with our app.

Use one of your smart remote through our one and only Universal Remote control app. Place your choice smart Remote Control in your Mobile Phone with the
different brands through Universal Remote For Tata Sky app. An application which is allows users to change your smart device into a Remote Control for with simple gesture touch.
Universal Remote For TataSky is easy to configure by the following two-step. Once you have configured this app with your Tata Sky Device it can easily be found in your
smart device. App with you can get real Tata Sky Remote with all the functionalities keys which an ordinary Sky remote control can perform.

How to use..?

Launch app on a smart device
Tap on Start button
Get all Universal collection of Remote
Choose your wish Remote and app with control all your device easily
Get all functions keys to handle your TV with a device


Easy to Install.
Easy to configure.
Needs built-in IR blaster for configuration.
The choice to save Remote in your favorite folder
Supports multiple configures devices
Supports all the functionalities
Simple to change your device into Smart Remote Control for the controller
Universal remote for tata sky

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Tata Sky Universal Remote Control.
Tata Sky Remote Control
Remote Control for Tata Sky
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Universal Remote Control For Tata Sky
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